Commercial Industrial Roofing


We are your source for commercial roofing in Nashville, Tennessee. As a total roofing company, we specialize in flat roofs, low slope roofs as well as pitched roofs. Including single ply, built up and sheet metal for commercial/industrial buildings in the Southeastern area of Tennessee and all around Nashville. Call today for a free quote on your commercial roofing and flat roofing needs.

As a commercial property owner, your roof is one of the biggest and most important investments you will make. Don't leave anything to chance, without proper insulation, reflectivity and strong warranty you are leaving one of your most valuable assets open for financial distress.

Tennessee Commercial Roofing Experts

We offer comprehensive commercial roofing services across parts of Tennessee including roof inspections, maintenance and service, repair and/or total roof replacement. Kellogg Roofing and Construction is an expert at commercial roofing.  Commercial roofs can be flat surfaces that contain HVAC systems, satellite units, and other obstacles as well as other expensive or sensitive equipment. Protecting the roof means also protecting the inside of the building from weather, and helping companies recover quickly from storm related incidents for the least amount of down time.

Roofing Inspection

A commercial roof that has been damaged from extreme weather can hurt your business and keep you from being open. Kellogg Roofing offers scheduled maintenance inspections to find and contain small problems before they become big ones, which in the long run keeps running costs down. Our commercial roof inspection is a comprehensive inspection that checks all facets that could affect the performance and effectiveness of your roof.  Our inspections give you valuable information about the condition of your roof, helping business owners budget for roof replacements or repairs.

Roofing preventative maintenance program

The life expectancy of a roof varies, but a neglected roof will fail much quicker. Kellogg Roofing, servicing Nashville, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, Knoxville and other areas of Southern Tennessee, offers several preventative maintenance programs that provide routine maintenance to help extend the life of your commercial roof, and gaining your business maximum protection from storms, hail and other weather related problems.  Besides emergency repair and restoration, our preventative maintenance program includes comprehensive inspections that include a detailed report and evaluation of your roofs condition along with recommendations for maintenance, repair and roof replacement.

Roofing repair

As a licensed roofing contractor, Kellogg Roofing provides a full range of repairs, including emergency response, preventative maintenance and immediate repair of leaks or damage that threaten your business. Regular commercial roofing repair and inspection can extend the life of your roof, protect your investment and help make sure your business stays in business.

Roof replacement

When the time does come when your commercial roof needs to be replaced, Kellogg Roofing and Construction offers many options, with roofing systems from the most reputable manufacturers. Contact us today for a free roofing inspection of your business. We work in Franklin, Murfreesboro, Lebanon, Hendersonville, Madison, Millersville, Hermitage as well as Knoxville, Gatlilnburg and Nashville, Tennessee.

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