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"Our roof was damaged in a hail storm and the insurance company recommended a full replacement. It's quite a large roof with several pitches to it. Due to the roof not being that old when the storm hit, none of the sheathing boards needed replacing. I immediately got a good feel about the Kellogg Roofing and Construction company. They responded right away to my need and were concise and professional every step of the way. They also finished in what I thought was record time, one day and they were done. Definitely, a hard work group."

Ray Bester


"My roof was really old and needed a full replacement. It's a 2,100 square foot two-story house with a steep pitch. We went with GAF shingles with a manufacturer's 35-year warranty. I couldn't be happier with the job that Kellogg Roofing and Construction did for me. First of all, when I put in for the estimate they came right over strapped themselves in their lanyards and inspected my entire roof. Then went on to inspect the attic. After the inspection they took their time explaining what was wrong and what needed to be done. They came out a few days later and finished up the entire job, including cleaning up, in one day. They even offered to reroof my shed at no extra cost. Top-notch group of guys. I have referred them to my neighbors and three of have also had roofs done by Kellogg."

Eugene Robinson


"Our roof took a pretty bad hit during a hail storm and needed to be replaced. The house is two-stories and 3500 square feet. Kellogg Roofing and Construction did the work for us. They went above and beyond to ensure that everything was done properly. There was an issue with a contractor they had hired which caused some pretty significant damage to our property, but they did not hesitate to fix it at their own expense. To me, when you see that type of honor and integrity you know you have the right guys for the job. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so."

Dustin Diaz


"My property was badly damaged following a hailstorm and tornado that hit the area. I needed to have roofs replaced on three structures: My home, studio, and two-car garage. Kellogg Roofing and Construction worked tirelessly until the job was done. It took them about five days to complete the roofs and do their clean up. They arrived everyday before the sun came up and didn't leave until the sun went down. I have already recommended them to others and will continue to."

Chris McDonald


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